Milan is jam-packed with unmissable events, exhibitions and fun activities. With fashion, food, football and history right around every corner, you have certainly lucked out if you’re going to be a student here! Whether you are visiting on a quick weekend tour, staying for a semester abroad or moving here for the entirety of your studies, Milan has plenty of things to do that will be sure to make your friends on TikTok and Instagram a little jealous. 

From exploring monuments like Milan’s Duomo to visiting hidden gems such as the Wes Anderson designed café or relaxing in the ancient baths of the Termemilano Spa, Milan has plenty of affordable student activities on offer. 

Not sure where to start? Look no further than our quick guide on places to visit and things to do in Milan for students.

What Places Should You Visit as a Student in Milan?

To cover the basics, it’s certainly best to start with the tourist hotspots. After all, they are the best for helping you gather your bearings of the city, learn about its culture and find out more about its heritage. 

Duomo di Milan: Marking the centre of Milan, the Duomo is undeniably stunning. Standard entry is free but if you’d like to access the Duomo’s rooftop, then entry costs between 18€ and 22€. With fantastic views of Milan’s skyline, climbing up to the Duomo’s rooftop is well worth the price. 

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II: As one of the world’s oldest and most soave shopping galleries, the Galleria certainly makes you feel like royalty. At the centre of the Galleria there is the famous mosaic bull that comes with a rather funny tradition whereby people stand on the bulls ‘crown jewels’ and spin around for good luck.

Castello Sforzesco: You might not expect there to be an ancient fortress located at the centre of such a modern and metropolitan city. The castle houses several museums such as the Egyptian Museum, the Photographic Archive and the Pinacoteca del Castello Sforzesco. At 5 euros entry, the castle’s mishmash of museums with changing exhibitions makes it one that you’ll definitely want to visit regularly. 

Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio: Visiting the Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio is great for a peaceful break from the buzzing atmosphere of Milan’s city centre. Another free-entry activity, the Basilica is a beautifully preserved old church that showcases the best of Romanesque architecture.

Museo del Novecento: Another opportunity to soak in Milan’s art scene, Museo del Novecento is a must-visit. At 5€ entry, the museum located at Piazza del Duomo and host a collection of over 4000 works covering the development of 20th century art. The museum also hosts a regular series of talks by academic specialists, artists and museum curators that are definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

Activities for Students in Milan!

Once you’ve completed the classic tourist tour of Milan, then you can move onto exploring some of the more fun and quirkier things to do.

QC Termemilano: Spa day anyone? After a busy day of lectures or a following tough exam season, Q Termemilano is a great rest and relaxation location. Entrance costs 46€ and when bathing amidst ancient thermal baths and exploring the unique sensory ‘thunderstorm room’, the self-care is well worth it. 

Crazy Pizza Milano: Not just any pizza restaurant, Crazy Pizza is a dine in restaurant with an entertaining show of waiters spinning and tossing pizza around tables. The restaurant is a great catch for your Instagram story and, what’s more, you can dine in at a completely reasonable price. 

L.O.V.E Statue: Milan is great for going on a walk, scoping out cool graffiti murals, finding cute cafés and grabbing an ice-cold gelato. Located in Piazza degli Affari, the L.O.V.E statue, known as ‘Il Dito’ (Italian for ‘the finger’) is an infamous sculpture by Maurizio Cattalan. The statue gives an unambiguous message to Italian bankers and is definitely one to go and see for yourself.

Bar Luce: For the film lovers, this sweet café in Milan has been completely designed by none other than Wes Anderson. With pale green formica tables that go hand-in-hand with the speckled pink terrazzo floor and densely patterned wallpaper, the café is like entering the whimsical world of his films.

Parco Biblioteca degli Alberi: Located by Milan’s famous skyscraper, Bosco Verticale, you will find Milan’s Parco Bilblioteca degli Alberi, ‘the library of trees’. With over 135,000 different plants and 500 trees on interlacing pathways the park, the park is truly captivating.

BackDoor 43: Claiming to be the smallest bar in the world, Milan’s BackDoor 43 is a real hidden gem. As though a private speakeasy, the bar has space for four guests, so you will need to book before you go. Don’t worry if you can’t find a table because the bar serves cocktails through a tiny window to passersby on the street.

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