Starting a new life as a student in another country is a unique and unrepeatable experience, and Milan is one of the most desired destinations to live this new stage to the fullest. That’s why it’s not surprising that the demand for student residences in Milan increases every year.

University years are not just for studying and Milan offers everything that is essential for your personal and professional growth. Thus, the city of fashion, which reflects the perfect balance between modern evolution and historical heritage, is a lively, multicultural and safe place full of services and attractions: museums, architecture, fashion, restaurants, bars, cinemas, theaters, exhibitions, artistic and exciting districts and much more.

A city full of culture, art and ideas in which the dynamic rhythm of university life throbs equally in each space.


Collegiate offers all-inclusive student residences in Milan!

One of the great advantages that Collegiate Milan North offers in its student residences in Milan is the all-inclusive rents and everything that this entails. In this way, every single amenity that students may require during their stay is included in the final price: no additional bills for council tax, broadband, utilities or contents insurance. In short, University students will not have to pay any additional charges for their use and enjoyment of the accommodation facilities.



Student residences in Milan – discover our services!

As mentioned above, Milan’s student residences offered by Collegiate are fully equipped. They provide each and every student with a wide range of services in order to satisfy all their needs. Below, you will find some of the main services explained in more detail:

  1. Swimming pool. In addition to the sauna, the student residences that Collegiate offers in Milan have an indoor pool that is available all year round. An incredible and magnificent service that the young residents will be able to enjoy every day.
  2. Bar and lounge for residents. Collegiate student residences are equipped with enjoyable spaces for students to socialize and unwind, among which stands out the bar and lounge. A pleasant space for everyone to relax and maintain that fundamental and essential balance between work and personal life. 
  3. 24/4 Reception. The reception service provided by Collegiate’s residences is fully available every day and every hour during the year. This is a great advantage since university residents will get help in case of any problem or incident.
  4. Private parking. Inside its facilities, Collegiate offers a spacious parking lot for students who have their own vehicle.
  5. Wi-Fi and high-speed broadband. Good connectivity is essential for all students. It is worth mentioning that this service is not only found in the residence hall or personal rooms and flats, but also in the common areas. In this way, students will be constantly connected and will be able to do both work and any kind of activity on the network.


Student residences in Milan – enjoy the best location!

One of the biggest advantages of Collegiate is its fantastic location: a quiet area full of supermarkets where you can go shopping, and enjoy bars and restaurants where you can spend your free time, and different metro and bus stations that will keep you connected to the centre and other points of interest of the city.

On the other hand, the accommodation is close to the most reputable and well-known universities not only in Milan, but in the whole of Italy. The journey to the main campuses of the universities becomes more pleasant since the residences are located a few meters from the San Giovanni metro stop, which belongs to line 1. Below, you’ll find the duration of the journey from the residence to the different universities:

  1. University of Milan – 27 min.
  2. Politecnico di Milano – 25 min. One of the most famous scientific-technological public universities that trains engineers, architects and designers.
  3. University of Milan Bicocca – 9 min. A young and dynamic university open to innovation, attentive to the needs of students and at the top of national and international rankings.
  4. Catholic University of the Sacred Heart – 33 min.
  5. Brera Academy of Fine Arts – 30 min. The “Accademia delle Arti” par excellence. 
  6. Vita-Salute San Raffaele University – 33 min.
  7. DEI – 30 min.
  8. Academy of Arts and Crafts of the Performing Arts at La Scala – 27 min.The university with the best programs of music, stage and dance.
  9. Conservatory of Music ‘G. Verdi’ Di Milano – 24 minutes. The conservatory for the most exceptional aspiring musicians.
  10. Marangoni Institute – 20 min. The Istituto Marangoni is ideal for all lovers of fashion and design.
  11. Secoli Institute – 20 min.
  12. Del Lusso Academy – 10 min.
  13. SAE Milan Institute – 35 min.

The university stage is the bridge that links student life and working life, a stage rich in experiences that, for many, are not erased from memory. Thus, our all-inclusive residences in Milan allow you to enjoy the economic and fashion capital of Italy and live the student life that is yours.